We would like to welcome you to the Pathology unit in Stills Diagnostics. Here we deal with evidenced based medical investigations ranging from Chemistry, Haematology, Immunology / Serology to mention but a few by leveraging on the state-of –the art Beckmann Coulter Modalities.

why use our Laboratory services?

  1. Fast Turn Around Time (TAT)
  2. Expert Services and Advice
  3. Sample Logistics & Transportation
  4. Quality Management System
  5. 24 Hours Service (Radiology inclusive)

Clinical Chemistry

Our automated chemistry analyzers provide results for kidney, liver, diabetic, cardiac and all other disease diagnosis.


Our automated haematology analyzer from Beckman Coulterhandles blood disorder diagnosis from anaemias to
blood group and genotype identifications

Clinical Immunology/Microbiology

We recently installed our automated endocrinology analyzer which would be poised to take care of all hormonal and endocrine test cases from thyroid function, cancer markers and fertility testing while Serology aspects covers the infectious diseases testing like the Hepatitis spectrum.

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